Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla - The Savage Worlds Tabletop RPG

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Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla - The Savage Worlds Tabletop RPG
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Learn About Our Project:

Welcome to the Roaring Twenties! A decade filled with adventure and the spirit of invention.  

Based on the ongoing Action Lab comic series, Herald the TTRPG gives you the chance to make history as you investigate clues, fight unspeakable creatures, design your own technologies, and uncover the mystery and adventure of the pulpy world of the 1920's… all while trying to maintain your sanity.

These are the days of new technology, of cults and magic, everyday items imbued with extraordinary powers, talismans, coded messages, mysterious trans-Atlantic plane disappearances, kidnappings and crooked businesses, mafia-controlled moonshine production, the jazz age, the stars of the silent film era, the scientists and explorers who opened our minds and expanded our brains, the age of astronomical discovery and the adolescence of quantum physics, the first automatons, the blinding era right after the Great War, the days your great grandparents barely survived. Oh, you didn't know that? That part wasn't passed down in your family history? Well prepare yourself...

There are terrifying things from beyond the stars. 

Yes, BEYOND. Unimaginable, unspeakable, cosmic horrors from the great Cthulhu Mythos have arrived, unseen, and those that find out too much end up lost in debilitating madness. Lovecraft knew that. His stories were actually observation, and so many of the great minds and spirited adventurers of this age joined together to keep humanity from falling to the Mi-Go, Elder gods, sly Shoggoth or the dreaded avatars of Nyarlathotep. Human cults that worship these fiendish beasts have infiltrated all levels of society. The conspiracy is unraveling, the secrets have become too much to hide, the cultists too bold and dangerous.

H.P. Lovecraft teams up with Nikola Tesla, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, Harry Houdini, Sonia Greene, Marie Curie, Babe Ruth, Josephine Baker, Jack Dempsey, Charlie Chaplin,Clara Bow, Kandinsky, Trilussa, Keaton, the list goes on and on. So many joined the fight against the Cthulhu Mythos creatures who invaded our world in the 1920's. But this is no ordinary Call-back to Cthulhu style TTRPG, this is as much about the history and personalities of the notable figures alive in this exciting era. 

You can play as any well-known person from the 1920's, mix up history, have fun! Or create an unique character from scratch to join the fight. 

Or, if you are feeling like you want to twist your RPG experience a bit... CREATE YOUR GREAT GRANDPARENTS.  

Why not take your inspiration for your next player-character from your family photo album? Perhaps your great grandfather was famous in your family for being one of the first airplane pilots or sketching wonderfully artistic drawings. Maybe your great grandmother was best-known in your family for her inventions or being the first one in town to get a degree in biology. Or maybe you always loved the stories about your black-sheep great uncle who spent his life travelling the world and searching for adventure. These are the archetypes that will fit perfectly in the world of Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla.  

Science meets Fiction in the Savage Worlds of the Roaring Twenties.


On a cool autumn morning, Nikola Tesla’s fiancee, Amelia Earhart, is pulled into another dimension while “borrowing” one of his prototype magnetic engines. 

After speaking with Einstein, Tesla is told to find HP Lovecraft for his arcane expertise, but the two are instead pulled into a world of secret societies, strange science, and the Cthulhu conspiracy; the same conspiracy that Mr. Mark Twain has recruited you to fight. yes, THE Mark Twain. Why is he still alive in the 1920s? What kind of dark magic is at play here? Well you can ask him, but don't expect a pleasant response. He's a bit cranky at 97 years old, but he sure looks great.

Herald the TTRPG places you at the center of the Cthulhu Mythos, kicked by its cosmic unknowns and shoved into the soup of history.


Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla Corebook-  

  • This 175 page book contains The Savage Worlds of the 1920's comes to life in full color. History, creatures, equipment, vehicles, maps, campaigns and one-shots, a guide to the ElseWhere dimension of the Elder gods, an adventure generator, all the history and setting notes you'd ever want, as well as a "Yearbook" section of famous figures of the 1920s who joined HP and Nikola in the battle against the Mythos creatures from beyond the stars. With all of this, plus the Savage Worlds rules, the world of Lovecraft and Tesla is yours to explore. 

GM Screen Inserts -  

  • This will make your hotsy-totsy GM screen the bee's knees and make you look like the real McCoy. Now you're on the trolley! 

Digital Token Pack –  

  • Perfect for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds or your favorite online system. Comes with main characters, NPCs, creatures, items, vehicles and more! Everything you need to make the 1920’s roar!  

Annotated (Combat) Map: Providence -  

  • Full-color combat map scaled for 28mm miniatures, including the streets and key locations of Lovecraft’s Providence, as well as the grounds of Miskatonic University. These 24 by 30 inch deluxe maps have a 1" grid and are printed on both sides of high-quality paper.  

Annotated (Combat) Map: The ElseWhere -  

  • Full-color combat map scaled for 28mm miniatures, with 2 major locations in the Elder gods’ weird dimension of ElseWhere. These 24 by 30 inch deluxe maps have a 1" grid and are printed on both sides of high-quality paper.  

Annotated (Combat) Map: The World of 1925 & Boston-  

  • Full-color combat map scaled for 28mm miniatures, including the streets and key locations of Boston, as well as a map of the world showing not only what it was like in 1925, but where the prominent Cthulhu hot-spots are located. These 24 by 30 inch deluxe maps have a 1" grid and are printed on both sides of high-quality paper.  

Adventure: “A Fistful of Dholes” by John Reilly - 

  • Written by Herald creator John Reilly, this adventure sets you in 1920's Chicago. Lucas "Lucky" Sullivan, one of Capone's lieutenants, broke into the wrong warehouse and opened the wrong crate. Now possessed by Kutothankenum, an elder god from Egypt, Lucky has begun slaughtering people and leaving grotesque remains. J. Edgar Hoover has asked you to investigate the murders to find out what's going on and stop it if you can.  

Issues # 1- 3 of the Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla comic book-  

  • From the popular ongoing comic book series from Action Lab Comics, this is where it all begins! Earhart, Twain, Crowley, Houdini, Ruth, Greene, Einstein, and more! See how all these notable figures of the 1920's ended up being recruited to fight the invading army of Cthulhu Mythos creatures from beyond the stars.


We have stretch goals lined up that will unlock some insanely cool items. 

22K - Additional 25 pages in the "Yearbook section" of the corebook- 20 additional NPCs and a gripping 5 page adventure that involves most of the major characters from the series. Written by John Reilly and Alexander Lepera.

25K - Large Player’s Map of Providence (annotated by "Mark Twain"). Includes 3 connected one-shot adventures. Written by Herald creator John Reilly.  




Here are some supplemental game supplies that will be available to add to your reward tier! 

Game Miniatures 

This is the base art for the first of 6 minis we're having sculpted for the game! These pewter miniatures will be available for everyone to ADD-ON. ($20)

Nikola Tesla, Mythos Hunter
Nikola Tesla, Mythos Hunter

Herald Playing Cards

A high quality 54-card deck of Lovecraft & Tesla playing cards, featuring artwork by Tom Rogers. Savage Worlds games use playing cards (with the Jokers left in) as part of the easy-to learn, fast, furious and fun game system. This can be used as a regular deck as well. ($7)


Custom high quality ceramic poker chips ("Bennies") for use with Herald the Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Four unique designs with the Herald RPG logo on the back. ($10)


2 Hour Soundtrack

Ambient music and background sounds of 1920's Providence, perfect for your Fast, Fun, and Furious game sessions. Fear not, original music not written by Erich Zann. ($7)

Upgrading Corebook to Hardcover

Make your Softcover corebook a Hardcover corebook. Magic! Houdini would be proud! ($10). Due to the considerable increase in weight of the Hardcover corebook, additional shipping costs may apply. This small cost will be clearly marked and detailed before upgrading, and all depends on how big our printing run of Hardcovers will be at the end of the campaign. 


Savage Worlds is easily one of the most popular and user-friendly  Tabletop Role-Playing Game systems around. The Savage World "rulebook" is all you need to play, and can be purchased here as an ADD-ON. See why so many players are choosing to run games on this TTRPG system, and why it truly is FAST, FURIOUS, FUN!!!

Action Lab Comics has recently celebrated their 5th year, and they continue to grow with wonderful titles like Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla, I,Mage, Tomboy and countless other exciting independent series. Check them out now at and find your next favorite comic book series. This is Action Lab's first foray into the world of TTRPGs.  

This is Ravendesk Games' second TTRPG. Our first title is complete and comes out next month- Vurt: The Tabletop Role-Playing Game. We will continue to expand our existing titles with more supplements, sourcebooks, and adventures, developing everything with YOU in mind. Our company is made up of 100% hardcore dice-rollers and we know what makes us jump up and down as players and fans ourselves. We only produce the absolute highest quality TTRPG books and supplements. Anything else is not worth your time or ours. We remain focused on this mission.

We roll Nat20s, not Crit-Fails.